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Volunteers are an essential part of the Beds for Kids program—and not just as doers but as leaders. Every delivery event requires a Lead Volunteer who leads the other volunteers and ensures that the deliveries run as smoothly as possible.

If you’ve volunteered for at least 4 delivery events, believe wholeheartedly in the Beds for Kids mission, and would like to contribute even more, consider becoming a Delivery Lead! One of our staff will train you during a delivery event and walk you through the responsibilities.

Delivery Lead Responsibilities

A staff member will be at OHAAT’s storage facility at the start of every delivery event. This will ensure that you and the other volunteers have everything needed for a successful outing. Once you leave the storage facility, you’ll be responsible for the following:

Call each family to say, “We’re on our way!”
When scheduling deliveries with families, we provide a 2 to 3-hour window for when they can expect us. We’ve found that when we call to say, “We’re on our way!” they’re more likely to be ready to accept the delivery upon our arrival. As the Lead Volunteer, you’ll make the calls using OHAAT’s mobile phone. A typical call should sound something like this:
Hi, I’m calling from the Beds for Kids program. We have 2 beds to deliver to you this morning, and we’re about 10 minutes away. Are you home? … Great! We’ll see you soon!
Greet each family and ask for a signature.
Our Program Coordinator, Megan, will provide notes for some of the deliveries. These could include special directions (e.g. The doorbell is broken, so call or knock loudly) or helpful information (e.g. The children’s grandmother will be home to accept the bed). Make sure to read these notes before arriving.
Once you confirm that you’re at the correct address, ring the doorbell or knock on the door. When someone answers, say that you’re from the Beds for Kids program and have a bed delivery for [insert caregiver name]. Have the caregiver sign a Delivery Acceptance Form, and then signal the other volunteers to start carrying beds and bedding inside.
Facilitate interactions with the family.
It can be a bit distressing to have a group of strangers walk into your home, so try to put the family at ease. It’s often helpful if you talk them through the delivery and allow them to have some control over the situation. You might say things like this:
We have a group of volunteers that will carry your beds inside. Where would you like us to put them?
Is it okay if the volunteers bring a bag of stuffed animals inside, and each child can pick one?
If the family has a question for which you don’t know the answer, tell them to call Megan. They will already have her number, or you can give them one of her business cards, which are located inside the metal clipboard.
Make sure you delivered the correct items.
Before leaving each home, do a visual check to ensure that the correct number of frames, mattresses and bedtime bags were left. You don’t want to get to the last stop and realize that you have an extra bedtime bag!
Check in with the other volunteers.
After each delivery, check in with the other volunteers to make sure everyone is okay. We provide an optional bathroom break at a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts about halfway through each delivery event. Make sure to ask the volunteers if it’s needed.
In an emergency, follow procedures.
There’s an Important Information binder behind the passenger seat of the truck that contains contact information and emergency procedures. If there’s an auto accident involving OHAAT’s truck or a volunteer’s vehicle, if the truck breaks down, if anyone involved is injured, or if property is damaged, please refer to this binder.

Lead Volunteer What If Questions

There are lots of variables that can affect a delivery event, and occasionally issues arise. We’ve compiled a list of what if questions to prepare you for potentially problematic situations.

Keep in mind that if you ever have a question during a delivery event, you can call OHAAT’s Executive Director, Becky. Her mobile number is 215-620-9937.

What if when I call the caregiver, no one answers?

What if when I call, the caregiver says that he or she is not at home?

What if we can’t find the family’s home?

What if there’s a block party (or other road closure) on the family’s street?

What if the family lives in a high-rise?

What if no one is home when we arrive?

What if the family doesn’t speak English?

What if the caregiver isn’t home? Can someone else sign the Delivery Acceptance Form?

What if no adults are home, just children?

What if the family wants to help unload their bed(s)?

What if it’s difficult to carry the beds inside because there’s furniture, shoes, or other items in the way?

What if the family asks you to assemble their beds?

What if the family says that they were expecting more beds or other furniture?

What if one of the volunteers needs to use the bathroom?

Are you interested in becoming a Delivery Lead? Contact Becky at 215-620-9937 or becky@ohaat.org. She’ll provide details about the onboarding process and get you started.