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Every one of our Beds for Kids delivery events requires a truck driver. Truck drivers are responsible for driving OHAAT’s sixteen-foot box truck from our storage facility in Huntingdon Valley to each delivery stop and then back. Aside from operating the vehicle, truck drivers also have these three responsibilities:

Fuel up. If the truck’s tank is low, fill it up before making deliveries. (We usually use the Sunoco Station at Old Welsh Road and Philmont Avenue. Diesel fuel only and no starting fluid.)

Navigate. We’ll provide you with turn-by-turn directions, but feel free to use the GPS that’s in the truck’s glove compartment. If you’re having trouble finding a residence, ask the Lead Volunteer to call the client and get more specific directions.

Lock up. We ask that you stay with the truck at all times. If you need to leave the truck unattended, put the GPS back in the glove compartment, lock up, and close the back door. (Note: The driver and passenger doors must be locked using the truck key, or by pushing down the lock buttons and holding the door handle out while closing the door.)

Every delivery event will have a lead volunteer to handle emergencies, but we ask that you familiarize yourself with the resource sheets listed below. Our Important Information sheet includes contact information and emergency procedures. Our Auto Accident Report and Injury Report are to be used in the case of auto accidents (whether with OHAAT’s truck or a volunteer’s vehicle) and injuries.

Resource Sheets
Important Information
Auto Accident Report
Injury Report

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer truck driver? Contact Becky at 215-620-9937 or becky@ohaat.org. She’ll provide details about the onboarding process and get you started.